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A group that aims to spread awareness of Compassionate Communities and act as a hub for Compassionate programs in Thunder Bay.

Helping Hands

What is Compassionate Communities?

Compassionate Communities is a social movement that aims to normalize and increase community support for those experiencing death, dying, loss, or those caregiving.

At it’s core, it works within various settings in the community to increase supports for people with life-threatening and life limiting illnesses, their families and caregivers, and those who are grieving. A Compassionate Community recognizes that caring for others during times of need is a social responsibility, not just a medical one.

Woman helping an elderly man with shopping

What is Compassionate Communities all about?

Compassionate communities is about everyday citizens, businesses, and organizations getting involved and supporting people with end-of-life events related to aging, dying, grieving, and caregiving. Every community member acts as the agents of change by encouraging their community to advocate, and provide assistance and practical support within their community.

Image by Jaime Dantas

Compassionate Communities in Thunder Bay

Our mission for Compassionate Thunder Bay is to act as a hub and system of support for events, activities and programs that are already making our city more compassionate. We are also aiming to increase the community awareness of what compassionate communities is, and how community members can become more compassionate on a personal or organizational level.


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